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Powerful Green Laser Pointer

By definition and light beam distinguish between green laser pointer and red laser pointer

Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular laser pen, because the green beam spent more than six times more than red light bright, red beam is not so obvious, and more advantageous than the blue and yellow. Users usually use a best laser pointer for astronomy green beam light.

Powerful Green Laser Pointer

Incorrect use of laser pointers can be harmful to the eyes

Laser pointers or laser flashlights have been around for more than 30 years. In recent years, some child abuse, laser pointer events caused personal injury accident, mainly is the eye, because our eyes curious about new things to compare, this caused the attention of academia and ophthalmic community. Because of the intense focus of the laser, the power to transmit the power, and the result of the warming, it can cause the retinal burn, causing the eyesight to drop. It's even blind.

Presentation Laser Pointer Green

Civilized viewing concert, prohibit the use of mobile phones to take pictures, correct use laser pen

He knew that it was forbidden to take photos in the concert hall, which was a reminder to him to collect his cell phone, but he felt the opportunity was rare, and he insisted on taking photos. For the sake of "rare opportunity", he took photos of the violation, and when the staff of the concert hall photographed him with a laser pointer, he felt aggrieved that he was impolite and arrogant. How should you remind someone who has violated the rules? Is there a better way?

Presentation Laser Pointer Green

Is it arrogant to use a laser pen tip?

In early September, the wuhan evening news reported, Mr. Tao in qintai concert hall to watch mobile phones take pictures during the concert, there are staff with a laser pen to exposure to remind him, he questioned: "this way of reminding, will some arrogant, rude?"

Super Power Laser Pen

Super "laser pointer" to explore the atmospheric changes

China weather news: global warming, less sea ice, more extreme weather, more air pollution... Climate change, environmental change and human activities on the climate, environment and ecology, the negative effect is becoming the major problems affecting the sustainable development of human society, actively respond to climate change has become a global consensus.

High Power Laser Pointer

China will be placed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to detect the atmosphere "laser pen"

Huainan, anhui, Sept. 10 (xinhua) -- China's national institute of atmospheric physics (APSOS), a research group led by the Chinese academy of atmospheric sciences, said on Monday that it had received unanimous approval from Chinese experts on the "multi-band multi-atmospheric composition of the main passive integrated detection system" (APSOS).

Green Light Laser 30mW

Cattle a laser pen to achieve thousands of miles of sound

Do you believe that an ordinary laser pen can travel 100 miles in the air? We did it, and I believe you can do it.

iPhone Smart Dot Style Laser Pen

Apple demo laser pen iPhone the most unique accessories

The manufacturer Tangram Design Lab has launched an iPhone Smart Dot style laser pen, which is a special app for iOS, and this laser pen will make it easy for you to demonstrate on the iPhone, where you go to the big conference room or the podium, where you're going, where to point it. The laser pointer is very convenient to carry and first when not in use, the user can put it in a protective sleeve cap type, and the protective cap itself or a touch pen, can be used to touch on the iOS device.

presentation laser pointer

Discover the first laser pointer to cigarette lighter

Speaking of laser pointer, the in the mind think of is the multimedia teaching instruction, the meeting indicates the indicator function, night guard, laser pen a few days before the beginning of the fuzhou airport security increased the new function, can be in 2 to 10 seconds lit cigarettes and matches.
On March 20, fuzhou airport security first seized laser pen cigarette lighter, the laser pen is very dangerous, can ignite cigarette, match, firecracker, etc. In 2 to 10 seconds.

High-tech Laser Pointer

High-tech laser pointers can help surgeons mark the brain tumors

UK hospitals are now testing the laser pen, on the edge of the knife close to the tumor area will glow like parking radar "beep" sound, let surgeons know they have been close to the edge. Brain surgeons often say that removing a brain tumor is just as troublesome as removing a spider from the jelly.Too few would be tumor regeneration, too many would remove too many normal tissue to make the patient disabled.

cheap red laser pen

The Taiwanese professor has made hundreds of millions of dollars from the hundred dollar laser pens

Comes in at the door, turn on the light, mobile phones at the room ceiling launcher, less than a second to download the movie, can also be exempted from the radio frequency (RF) wireless electromagnetic waves of harm to the body.Don't doubt it's not the future world, it's happening to us.

world's longest lasers pointer

British scientists developed the world's longest lasers

Scientists at Aston university show the world's longest lasers.The non-destructive transmission of optical communication signals with wavelength of 1550nm was realized by using this 75km fiber laser cavity.
In the long distance fiber-optic link, the distributed amplification can make up for the attenuation of the signal in the transmission process.In order to achieve nearly lossless transmission in optical fiber, the scientists used various methods to make along the optical fiber transmission for gain, and realize the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noise control.The Aston team has provided a solution by using the transmission optical fiber as a Raman laser, achieving a near-lossless transmission and minimizing the ASE noise.