Laser Pointer With 18350 Waterproof Laser Flashlight 2500mW Laser Waterproof Tiny Size 2500mW Laser

2500mW Waterproof Laser Flashlight 445nm Blue Beam Light Portable Pocket Laser Pointer

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Wavelength: 445nm
Color: Blue
Power: 2500mW
Weight: 260g
Dimensions: 140mm x 24 mm


The laser pointer is made of nickel-copper alloy material and has a detachable head cap. Through our detection technology, it has better performance. The laser has impact resistance, weather resistance and copper laser diode. The powerful beam of an 18350 rechargeable 2500mW laser pointer is an important tool for outdoor adventure.


  • High-end brass case, heat dissipation
  • Excellent metal surface texture
  • Copper laser diode, high thermal conductivity
  • Professional circuit design, overheating protection
  • Widely used in outdoor and indoor activities
  • This is a CLSS IV laser pointer, which will be great for astronomy and adventure
Product Spec
Brand KitLaser
Body Material Nickel copper alloy
Wavelength: 445nm
Color: Blue
Power: 2500mW
Weight 260g
Dimensions 140mm x 24mm
Class IV / 4
Power Supply 2 x 18350 Lithium-Ion Batteries
Duty Cycle 100%
Warranty 12 Months

Laser Pointer With Lens Copper Shell Laser Pointer Laser Flashlight 445nm Attack Caps Laser Mounted Caps Bright Blue Beam Long Beam Range Laser Pointer 2500mW Laser Pointer

Packing List

  • 1 x 2500mW Laser Pointer
  • 2 x 18350 Batteriies
  • 5 x Starry Pattern Lens
  • 1 x Laser Goggles
  • 2 x Attack Caps

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