3000mW Powerful Gatlin Laser Pointer Class IV with 2*18650 Batteries

This is an upgraded version of Gatling laser, equipped with two 18650 batteries, more powerful with cool shape.

$169.99 | $314.99


3000mW Handheld Lightsaber Burning Laser Pointer

The laser pointer 3000mw is off automatically after activating two minutes to avoid lens damage, come with all accessories, including 2 batteries, sword and case.

$295.99 | $345.99


3000mW 450nm Powerful Blue Laser Pointer For Sale

With 5 interchangeable laser lenses, 3000mw laser pointer creating beautiful light effects of various patterns: star, cross, mesh, floodlight and galaxy, etc.

$169.99 | $199.99


3000mW Laser Pointer
445nm 3000mW Laser Pointer Blue Beam + 5 Starry Patterns

100% duty cycle highly effective 3000mW laser pointer. Aircraft-grade, military-standard, CNC-machined, hard-anodized aluminum alloy shell for a long-lasting.

$129.85 | $159.68


Blue Laser Pen
3000mW Blue Laser Pointer Shell Silver USB Sky-Stars Built-In Battery

Shell silver 3000mW laser pointer built-in battery made by hard aluminum usb interface high power output, let you feel good.

$169.99 | $189.69


Blue Bold Beam Laser
New Style Fashion Blue Bold Beam Laser Pointer High Power Waterproof

The blue bold beam light laser pointer popular on laser pen market,has 1500mw 3000mw optional.Widely used, deeply loved by customers.

$253.33 | $350.69


Real 3W Laser Pointer
3000mW Laser Flashlight Powered Burn Ourdoors Military Laser Lover

This a powerful burning easy laser flashlight.Suitable for outdoor adventure, military, burning, etc.Stainless steel has a better feel.

$215.68 | $288.65


3W Blue Laser Pointer
3000mW Laser Pointer Stainless Steel Shell Single / Multi Modes

Such 3000mW laser pointer is powerful enough to serve as a burning laser. The bright blue beam can be used at many outdoor activities such as stargazing, making a fire.

$559.08 | $599.99


3000mW Laser Pointer
3000mW 450nm Powerful Blue Beam Laser Pointer Hard Aluminum Back Cover With Security Key

This Laser Pointer made in hard aluminum 3000mW 450nm powerful versatile, issue blue beam weight 286g, Andized hard black feel good.

$244.99 | $256.78


Blue Laser 3000 mw
450nm 3000mW Blue Beam Laser Pointer Shaped Design Lightweight And Generous Powerful Sky Model

This Laser Pointer 3000mW 450nm made in hard aluminum powerful versatile, Andized hard black feel good,issue blue beam shell color Black.

$244.99 | $256.78


Copper Laser Pointer 3000mW

3000mW Laser Pointer 6 in 1 Blue Beam Starry Laser Pointer Copper Shell

The copper shell laser pointer 3000mW is not only great looking, it is also very durable and easy to use. Kit with five starry pattern caps, batteries, charger and laser goggles.