Popular Red 200mw Green 50mw Laser Pen Shell Silver Gold Black Made In Hard Aluminum

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Working Voltage: 3.7V
Keywords: 2 in 1, Green Red, Presentation
Issue Power: Green 50mW / Red 200mW
Size: 175mm x 28mm
Color: Silver
Class: IIIA
red Laser Pen Red Green Laser Pointer 200mW Laser Pointer 50mW Laser Pointer


Laser is the 20th century, following the atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, the human is another major hair, known as the "fastest knife", "the most standard feet", "brightest light" and "strange laser " Its brightness is about 10 billion times the sun.Years of laser pen, laser flashlight professional R & D experience; The use of aviation aluminum hard oxidation light manufacturing process, strong and durable, beautiful and beautiful appearance;Pen body with anti-skid design, head, tail cover chamfering with scratch effect;The core material of the new 808 semiconductor diode, crystal, durable, the service life of up to 8000 hours; Built-in laser module to improve the cooling device, circuit board acquisition and protection design, tail design button switch, the use of more secure;tail design portable hanging gentry.Design the body using a 18650 battery, can be repeated charging, environmental protection and save money, life time more durable. The pen include red laser pen and green laser pen is the best product in all the laser pens.

2 in 1 Laser Pen Green Red Laser Pointer 200mW Laser Pointer 50mW Green Laser Pen Green Beam laser Pen Laser Pointer 200mW 200mW Laser pen 50mW Laser Pointer Laser Pen 50mW Red Laser Pointer


  • Red Green Dot 2 in 1 Laser, can also emits two colors at the same time
  • With 4 stalls: Press the first bright red light, the second bright green light, the third bright red and green light, the fourth bright red and green double flash
  • Red 200mW Green 50mW,Output power enough
  • Popular and fashion in today
  • Wonderful and let you feel good
Product Spec:
Material: Hard Aluminum
Wavelength: 650nm (Red) / 532nm (Green)
Power: 200mW (Red) / 50mW (Green)
Light Style: Dot
Circuit Control: APC
Weight: 300g
Working Temperature: 15℃-40℃
Shell Color: Silver | Gold | Black


  • Battery pack: battery positive toward the tail
  • When used, the laser beam is absolutely not allowed to face the eyes of people and animals and exposed skin, flammable material exposure
  • The laser is not recommended for more than 3 minutes of continuous lighting time, whether it will affect the life of LD overheating! (Recommended 30 seconds -1 minutes rest)
  • When not in use, please remove the battery, put the child is not easy to get the place
  • If you find that the laser beam brightness suddenly darkened, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery
Product List:
Product Name Nums
200mw Red 50mw Green Laser pen 1
18650 Battery 1
Charger 1
Box 1

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