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High End Fashion Blue Lasers
Powerful Laser Pointer Near Me
1000mW | 2000mW High End Blue Laser Pointer Popular

This high end 1000mW | 2000mW powerful blue laser silver white shell color hard aluminum, nice and generous, fashoin and popular, high power and wonderful.

$69.87 | $99.89

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High Power Blue Burning Laser
1W Blue Burning Laser
1000mW 445nm Blue Beam Laser Strong Burning Laser Powerful Performance

Aerometal shell, adjustable focus, gift included. It has been approved an awesome performance for burning. High power blue laser beam can reach 8000 meters away.

$87.59 | $99.89

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Cool Gun Shape Green Laser
Gatlin Laser Pen Green Light
100mW 8 in 1 Multi-Pattern Green Beam Laser Gatlin Single Point and 5 heads of Stars

This mini laser pen is designed with a copper heatsink system. Powered by 10440 li-ion rechargeable battery, it emits a 30mW bright green beam that is great for pointing.

$63.99 | $89.99

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Pen Style Pocket Green Laser Pen
laser pen 5mW
5mW Green Electronic Pointer Pen Shape 532nm Bright Beam

Wonderful tool for presentation. 5mW green dot laser pen is popular among pen style lasers. This presentation laser is a good partner for teachers and traders.

$18.59 | $36.69

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Keychain Mini Red Laser For Pets
Pocket Size Laser
5mW Pocket Laser Pointer KitLaser Mini Size 650nm Red Dot Kit With AAA Battery

Our latest red laser 5mw, such laser comes with attractive price and practical features. The 5mW laser pen designed with incredibly tiny but still full featured.

$19.59 | $39.87

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Kit Laser Pointers Purpose:

1. Customer first, service first.

2. Selling the best high quality laser pointer, so as to reassure customers.

3. Your satisfaction is our greatest motive.

Laser Pen Main Business:

Do you still worry about where to buy laser pen? Where can you buy a laser pointer? Don't you know what store sells lasers? Kitlaser is a professional sales and wholesale laser pen store, there are many types laser pens, the best laser pen offer for you, these included red, green, blue, purple, yellow, all sorts of color laser pen pointer, also contains a variety of power of products, included high power, medium power, low power ; medium and high end pens; product variety is complete. All kinds of high-tech lasers are always right here for you, go into the store! Bulk laser products wait for you to buy.

Laser Common Sense:

According to the safety degree of laser products to users, both at home and abroad the security level of the lasers are divided into the following four levels:

Class I:
Low output laser (power is less than 0.4 mW), and no matter what the condition is to the eye and skin, it won't exceed the MPE value, and it won't exceed the MPE value by focusing on the optical system. You can ensure that the design is secure without special administration. Typical applications are laser pointer, CD player, CD ROM equipment, geological exploration equipment and lab analysis, short distance correspondence. Since the power is less than 0.4mw, it is harmless to the eyes.
Class II:
Of visible laser (with low output power of 0.4 mW - 1 mW), the closed eyes of reaction time of 0.25 seconds, use this time to calculate the exposure can not exceed the MPE values. Usually a laser with less than 1mW can cause dizziness and inability to think. It can be protected with closed eyes, not completely safe, not directly in the light of the beam, or directly illuminate other people's eyes with the Class II laser, and avoid the observation of the Class II laser with a distant observation device. Typical applications such as classroom demonstration, high-tech laser pointers, targeting equipment and rangefinder.
Class III :
In the medium output laser, if the beam is directly into the eye, the damage will be caused, and for some security reasons, it can be further divided into IIIA and IIIB.
The IIIA class is a continuous laser with visible light, which outputs a laser beam of 1-5mw. The energy density of the beam should not exceed 25W/m-m, so as to avoid the observation of the IIIA laser with the distant observation device, which may increase the danger. There's a lot of similarities between the typical application of the IIIA and Class II, like 300mw green astronomy laser, laser scanner, etc.
Phase III B is a continuous laser of 5-500mw, which is directly observed in the beam. But the minimum distance to 13 cm, the maximum exposure time below 10 seconds for safety. The typical applications of the IIIB laser are spectrometry and entertainment lighting.
High output continuous laser (greater than 500mW), higher than the third level, with fire hazard, diffuse reflection also dangerous. Typical applications such as surgery, research, cutting, welding and micromachining. Like this 2000mw high output power laser can burn easily.